Andrew Alice Asimi

My name is Alice Andrew, the last born in a family of 7. I hail from Kogi State, Nigeria and an Ebira by tribe.

I graduated from high school in 2011; had a national diploma in agricultural engineering whilst putting in for admission into the university for my dream course, Electrical Engineering. After my diploma program, in 2014 I was admitted to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria to study Computer Engineering.  It was exciting news for me and the journey indeed has been an exciting one, through the burning of the midnight candles.

As an engineering student, I’ve always been passionate about learning new things especially when it has a lot of importance in making my society and the world better.

I’m a woman who is results oriented, so I give my best to whatever I do.

The opportunity to learn Wolfram programming language – Mathematica – came during my final year in school. I was a campus ambassador to IOBE in my school, working tirelessly to impact the lives of students on campus in the ways we can work as a team (IOBE-ABU-ZARIA TEAM).

The opportunity was open – students were scared of committing themselves to something they are not sure of, so I took up the challenge to apply with the encouragement from IOBE’s country director, Mr. Fashoranti, because I was working on a machine learning project. I grabbed the opportunity with an open hand so as to enhance my skill in programming and I’ve not regretted making the decision.   Though Wolfram programming is very vast and time demanding I’ll give my best to it.

I’m most grateful first, to IOBE for opening me up to such and many more life and career enhancing opportunities, Mr. Fashoranti for his support and Loss of Generality for this great opportunity. I would like to say a special acknowledgement to my trainer Muhammad, who gives me encouragement and support.

There is much to learn and I am just at the beginning of my training.