Justus Ilemobayo 


My name is Justus Ilemobayo. I am a Nigerian. I recently finished my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).   

During my undergraduate studies, after my internship in 400 Level, I decided to participate more in extracurricular activities. There was an opportunity to join International Organisation for Business and Engineering (IOBE). After joining the organisation, I did my best to participate actively in its activities. After a while, the Country director of the organisation, Mr Fashoranti Damilola, informed the campus ambassador of the opportunity to train with Loss of Generality  

Mr. Olamide Durodola, our ambassador, shared with me the opportunity to apply to join LoG for training in an advanced programming language. As an engineering student who is interested in programming, I decided to apply.   

After I was selected for the training, I realised that the programming language was Wolfram Programming Language – Mathematica.  Even though it wasn’t the conventional programming language I knew. I took it as an opportunity to learn something new. I later found out that LoG’s vision (which is to make quality education available to those who don’t have access to it) and the core values are aligned with mine. As a social impact advocate, I am also passionate about impacting my society and making lives better especially in the aspect of good and quality education.  

As I continue my training with LoG, it would give me the opportunity to impact lives all around the world by making quality education accessible to them. 

The team has been very wonderful so far, providing everything needed to make my training successful. I intend to and look forward to building solutions with this technology.  I sincerely appreciate my local trainer and coach – Samson, who represents the model that LoG established.  And I want to train others in the future.  I appreciate Lucia who reaches out to us all the way from Ireland and stays in touch.  And it is good to engage with every member of the Team who have given me this great opportunity.