Veronica Clare Odunayo


Right from my childhood I have always known that to be successful is a matter of choice and that what is worth doing is actually worth doing well!

I am the last child of  my mum who is a widow, and I was not born with a silver spoon, my journey through  life has made me to realize that the world we live in is a world of competition and we only design how we want it to work out for us. I am a beneficiary of government owned institutions, and I got motivated by my mum who always wants me to do more.  It really helped me throughout my high school because I have always won scholarships that support my studies.

The pursuit for higher learning and research is central to my plan for career and being part of something bigger than myself.  After passing out of high school I decided to apply for a scholarship in computer training, desktop publishing organized by empowerment for the less privilege foundation. I was part of those selected to be trained and the best student in Microsoft PowerPoint and the best in creative writing organized by United Foods Limited. I decided to further my education in the polytechnic where I graduated with Distinction and the second in my set.

Also because of my quest in knowledge I decided to take up a career in Nutrition and Dietetics due to the prevalence of malnutrition in the world both in micro nutrients deficiencies which has effects on approximately two billion people worldwide including pregnant women, lactating women and even refugees. Using technology, I was able to carry out projects on “The Computer and Health” and as a data analyst to compute data on the dietary intake of pregnant women attending a particular healthcare clinic in my community.

I participated in a lot of gregarious organizations among which are Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) where I was selected to volunteer and teach young pupils in Ghana for several weeks. My experience made it possible for me to adapt with anyone around the world, not minding the cultural, religion and socioeconomic factors.  I had also been privileged to intern at the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration Control of Nigeria (NAFDAC) Lagos chapter. That experience improved both teamwork and time management skills. Also, I volunteer at West Africa Vocational Education where we teach young students employable skills since unemployment has become one of the greatest challenges in youths are currently facing in Nigeria.

I am a member of IOBE (International Organization for Business and Engineering), OAU chapter. Through IOBE, I was selected and connected by the organization country director, Mr. Damilola Fasoranti, to be trained by Loss of Generality. It’s an Irish non-profit organization founded by Lucia Valente who in her own little way is adding value to young people who are committed and zealous in achieving their goals in life.

I hope to draw from the rich academic resources, unparalleled career opportunities, and strong professional network that Loss of Generality offers. Learning amongst the diverse group of researchers that LoG attracts will afford me the people skills that I will need to work with in a world that is quickly turning into a global village.

I am currently undergoing my training in Wolfram Mathematica at LoG.  My goal is to familiarize myself with the Wolfram language and applications to enhance my understanding of the prevailing conditions of the topic during the research tenure.  My objective is to undertake research that will contribute to understanding the business world of Mathematica and offer meaningful solutions to various policy issues.

I appreciate the efforts of all those who have made this training worthwhile; to Lucia the love you have for humanity is great! And to my country director Mr. Damilola Fasoranti I say thanks for the opportunity; to Samson my tutor I say thanks for your word of encouragement; to my colleagues it is not over until it is over!.