Our wonderful new Loss of Generality team members 

February 2020 

Afolabi Olukunle, Justus Ilemobayo, Veronica Clare Odunayo, Andrew Alice Asimi 

The following series of blogs introduces our new trainees. 

As the founder of Loss of Generality, I am pleased to share the brief stories of our new trainees.  When I visited Nigeria in 2017, I had the great honour to meet several bright, enthusiastic and caring people whose ethos is aligned to my own; and we have maintained contact.  Through Mr. Fashoranti Damilola’s commitment to education and development and his engagement with various organizations he introduced us to our new Nigerian team of trainees.  Our new trainees are making progress with the guidance and support of Muhammad Abubakar and Samson Okaludo 

From my Nigerian trip in 2017 where I met Fashoranti, we are able to expand the mission of LoG as we grow our team by four bright and interesting young people!!  As I say often to our young team, they are the reality of LoG’s Mission and Vision.