My Story 




My name is Hussaina Dahiru. I am a twin (my lovely twin Hassana), from a middle-class family in Nigeria. My father was a civil servant while my mum is a full-time house wife.  I lost my father last two years. My parents loved each other and respected each other. I learned from my parents to respect people, most especially older people, to be always patient, generous and honest.  

I am now living with my mum and my siblings. I have eight siblings, six brothers and two sisters. My twin and I are the first female children in the family and being twins our parents love us so much. 

I really want to guide, support and take care of my mum and my siblings, some of whom have finished college but still searching for jobs, while others are still in the elementary level 

I did both my primary school (in Roman catholic mission, i.e RCM Giring) and secondary school (in Government secondary school Gangare) in public school were there was no infrastructure; most especially my primary school where we used to sit on the floor, stones, or broken desks. Never the less the teachers were really good and the taught us excellently. 

I did my tertiary education in one of the best Universities in the country (Bayero University Kano), where I studied hard with passion and I graduated with first class honours.  Actually, I like all these schools that I attended because I had good friends; we played and studied together; loving and caring teachers and administrators.  Almost everybody in my schools used to love me because I had extra ordinary skills in most of the subject I studied. 

My dream was to study medicine and specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology but, unfortunately, I did not hit the required point for the course after I sat twice for JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Examination). I studied B.Sc. Botany which I also like, and I am planning to further my education in this field with a course that is related to medicine or pharmacy. 

My cousin Muhammad introduced me to Loss of Generality and he provided me with my preliminary training.  I began my training with Loss of Generality in the summer of 2019 and it has been a great experience.   

I am a dedicated and hardworking person. I enjoy learning new things and my training with Loss of Generality gives me the chance to learn an advanced programming language. Reading/studying, cooking and helping others are my hobbies. I hate lies and I find it very difficult to lie.  

And I hate cockroaches, I seriously panic whenever I come in contact with them!!