When people have Belief in themselves, Hope in the future, and when they Know that they can do something constructive, amazing things happen. We have seen the Power of instilling a can-do attitude in people and that is what we are doing at LoG.

Our belief

At LoG, we believe in “teaching people to fish” and trusting that they will know what to do with that bounty


Make available to all Students/Learners Advanced Computational Educational Modules for analytical sciences in any geographic location or environments where there are access restrictions.


  • Break down barriers to learning whether financial, access, geographic, disability or other restriction.
  • Make available to any teacher, any student anywhere, the most advanced computational education using Cloud Technology on inexpensive mobile devices: rapidly propelling and accelerating learning and retention of concepts.


  • Education as a human right
  • Providing top quality education to all students who have a desire to learn
  • The crucial role of high quality targeted education to change lives
  • The necessity of opportunity and access to give hope and encouragement
  • Eliminating obstacles and barriers to provide equal opportunity to all learners



Working with Wolfram Research, LoG has established a business partnership that facilitates important access to technology and support for our work. Currently, LoG is working with Wolfram Research to design technical specifications for delivery of our Educational Modules to those geographies that do not have internet available


EPC is a self-contained appliance consisting of a web application installed on a Virtual Machine (VM) running CentOS. The minimum system requirements for a single virtual machine instance of EPC are 8-core CPU, 8 Wolfram kernels, 16GB of RAM and 150GB of storage space.

EPC is a self-packaged virtual machine that can run in single-or multiple-machine configurations on these supported hypervisors: Amazon EC2, VMware, VirtualBox and KVM. EPC installation will run within infrastructures that support regulatory standards, so you can maintain compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, GLB and other acts or requirements.

Wifi hotspots: If applicable, there will be a radio attached with large antenna (meter long) to reach several hundred feet radius. Longer radius possible but requires FCC approval in US.


Lucia Valente

Lucia Valente

Lucia Valente spent more than 30 years in Canada working in the area of human resources and organizational development.

Lucia’s passion is working with people to highlight possibilities and opportunities that they may not have seen by themselves. What drives her is building peoples’ belief and making a difference one person at a time.

Dara O’Shayda

Dara O’Shayda has extensive experience in the US working with refugees from Somalia, Afghanistan and The Balkans preparing students for entrance to high school and university in the US.

Through several years of Research and Development, under Dara’s leadership, LoG has developed a repository of cloud-based standard Educational Modules that are made available to its clientele.