Delivery of Educational Modules

LoG makes available educational modules in analytical science to high students in geographies where access to top Quality Education is restricted. Our Educational Methodology and Technology propel learning forward and students have access to the highest quality of education in analytical sciences on mobile devices.

The goal is to provide students with access to the same Quality Education as students in the US, Canada and Europe. The Content, Quality, Methodology and Technology are exactly the same.

Availability of same quality modules to all students around the world

Educational Modules to High Schools

Currently LoG is providing educational modules to high school students in Palestine. LoG trained university graduates in Mathematica and they have worked with Professors in North America.

One of our students, Anwar, graduated from university and is now teaching with some of the modules that she helped to develop. LoG received authorization from Professor Mary Ann Kelso of Seattle Washington State USA, to use the material developed in 2016. These modules are now used by high school students in Tulkram High School in Palestine. Currently modules are deployed to students in grades 7 and 8 with a total of 45 students.

In the link below, the full capabilities of Mathematica and its geometrical visualizations are used to create an Arabized version of the module. The Arabic font is rendered as graphics and thus very well shaped and everything variated as it does in English version: