Teacher Training Modules

Training of Teachers to Deliver Modules

To deliver our training modules aligned to their design structure and effectiveness, teachers must learn how to deploy them to students. LoG's Educational Modules are specifically designed using the ‘Smart Learning Model’ aligned to guided learning. The teacher delivering the modules must be trained in our methodology.

Deploying LoG's Modules shifts the teaching and learning environment from teacher centered. The learning environment becomes more collaborative – with teachers interacting with students in a different manner as students work on practice modules during class.

The goal is to provide teachers with a refined skill set that permits them to teach students using LoG's methodology


Remote Training of Mathematica

This is designed for students and graduates.

LoG has completed more than 18 months of our virtual training plan to deliver professional, online, advanced Mathematica training

Commencing in January 2016 LoG launched its training program for two students in Palestine, Anwar Khadar and Khaled Qarout. Within one year the students had received sufficient training to permit them to work closely and interdependently with professors in North America to develop (code) Educational Modules. The range of subjects covers most aspects of mathematics and elementary physics

In January 2017 LoG began training a new Pharmacist graduate – Malak Jaber. Malak is working with LoG to develop 3D Modules in the areas of Organic Chemistry and Anatomy. In these links the programmer trained by LoG coded Physics Modules for an American College: