Welcome to our Team Members

Adeniyi Muizudeen

Prepared October 2020


My name is Adeniyi Muizudeen. I am a Nigerian University graduate. i was born and brought up in Kaduna state.  I have a wonderful family, my dad was a business man, and my lovely mum was a teacher.  I had both my primary and secondary education in Ansar-ud-deen school.

After graduation my dream career was to become a programmer to study computer science and have vast knowledge on programming. While I finished high school, I wrote exams in order to gain admission into the higher institution, but I was denied that year, I decided not to lose hope and apply the next year though as things would have it, I was given admission to study statistics.  All I did was research on statistics and know how related they are to computer science. This motivates me in self-development to learn programming on my own. In my third year in school I got a six-month intern at Kaduna electricity distribution company where I worked alongside the system and operations dispatch department and I was opportune to learn a few basics on python, java, R-package and the use of Microsoft access in storing data.

After graduation, I was posted to Katsina State to serve where I met a friend Muhammad Abubakar.  Muhammad explained the basics of python to me make me one of his students. He shared with me the opportunity to apply to Loss of Generality (LoG) for training in an advanced programming language. As a statistician who is interested in becoming a programmer I decided to apply.

I used to discuss my interest in Programing and development with Muhammad and he introduced me to LoG. Thanks to him I am now on the right course to achieving my ambition. Being with him most times makes me realize that the programming language he is into is Wolfram Programming Language – Mathematica – which includes calculus and other aspects of mathematics.

I put it to myself that this is a chance to learn something new and different.  With the encouragement of the LoG team to develop various skills and to pass them on to others, this is a positive experience. I see this as an opportunity to join the LoG team in training and learning advanced programming. I promised to give it my best and also help promote the LoG vision to make quality education available to those who don’t have access to it.