Nigeria Team Update

January 2021

Prepared by Alison Asimi


Introduction by Lucia

Every few months I ask the team members to give an update as to their training and engagement with LoG.  We post the update to our Blogs. My rationale is that LoG is about our team members – it is, fundamentally, our ethos and our values come to life through the life of each member of our team.

Alison Asimi, one of our young Nigerian trainees, put this blog together for us.


Afolabi Olukunle

My experience with LoG so far has been amazing. I have enjoyed every bit of it. Though it has come with its own challenges but then so far, I have been able to find my way around the challenges.

It’s thrilling to hear about the interest coming from Dr. Stephen Wolfram in the Nigerian team as well as the support we receive. This means so much to me at the moment. The monetary support from LoG has really been helpful too for the furtherance of my learning.

In the future I look forward to making use of my learning for Web Development and Data Science as I will like to explore more in these areas. I look forward to more engagement with LoG as I make progress in my learning.

I am honored to be part of the team.



Veronica Odunayo Clare

Life they say is not bed of roses. Planet earth and life itself has been a challenging one for me considering the fact that I wasn’t born with a silver spoon to get all I wanted at a go but need to work effectively and timely for me to achieve my purpose in life, also to the fact that i involved in alot of tech-related innovations not minding my gender.

My trainings with LOG so far have been challenging compared to other trainings that I have under gone.  It has been a renowned and rewarding one so far because at the centre of it all I will be able to apply Tech in my career as Nutritionist/Dietitian and as a Public Health Nutrition enthusiast.  I want to build modules in one of the most important aspect in my field of study which only few are involved in.

Also, the LoG training/Internship and my skill as a graphic designer and UI/UX designer provided me with the opportunity to volunteer at a non-profit foundation here in Nigeria that provides food items for the less privileged in my community.

I look forward to continue the ever challenging and interesting training with LoG and I thank Lucia and all those who have in one way contributed to the betterment of the program.

Thanks, And God bless!


Abdulhamid Muhammad

My very first assignment with LoG was on 27th May 2020 where I began with Absolute value of parabolic function under guidance of my coach Samson.

It has been a very interesting journey so far; it has grown from solving mathematical module to study in Wolfram Programming Language.

The training I had in Wolfram so far have helped me a lot in developing my analytical skills and computational thinking. I need that to achieve my ambition of becoming an expert in simulation and training in Wolfram is helping me in that sense.

Training with Imran that is currently going on now is giving us the opportunity to explore new functionalities of Wolfram that we didn’t know about before and that also is very helpful.

Talking about the future I want to do a simulation for Road design and Laboratory practices involved in Road construction. This is just the beginning. I want to be an expert in simulation in many aspects of Civil Engineering (Hydrology, finite element analysis in structures etc.).

Lastly in the future I want to have Master’s Degree in both Highway and Water resources engineering. The Highest of all my engineering ambition is to study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).



Muhammad R. Abubakar

Originally from Kano state Nigeria, I have earned a BSc Mathematics from Bayero University Kano (BUK) and a diploma in Computer Science from Kano State Polytechnic.

Science has always been my passion. I applied several times for admission into University and initially I was not successful.  Later in the years I re-applied for Polytechnic and was admitted to Kano State Polytechnic to study computer science. In the second year of my program at the Polytechnic, I re-applied for computer science at University and was successful.  I got admission to study BSc Mathematics. I continued with my diploma program in computer science alongside with my BSc program in mathematics which was really stressful but in the long run I achieved all and success was by my side.

Getting in shape, I have been developing simple application software for personal and small-scale use during my undergraduate time.

I’d like my career to revolve around computer programing.  I am proudly now  “Technical Staff” in Loss of Generality/Computational ClassNotes.  I believe in the power of programming with the help of Almighty God, guiding by Loss of generality/ Computational Class Note to involve change personally and globally. Now I am currently a programmer using Wolfram Language (Mathematica), Oracle Developer, Access with VBA.

With my love for hard work in technology and with the help of LoG, I want to share with others who have the aspiration to become a better version of their life through LoG.



Justus Ilemobayo

Currently I’m still discovering myself and exploring my options. Although I studied mechanical engineering, I am now considering options in data science and Machine Learning. I enjoy exploring data and getting insights and this has been the driving force behind my actions in the past few years including joining LOG.

As someone who had a background in programming, LOG has exposed me to more applications of programming and the great things that can be done using Wolfram. I have also decided to focus on machine learning and energy using Wolfram. As someone who is passionate about the energy industry, I strongly believe that applying these technologies to the energy sector would improve productivity. In the nearest future I see myself leading a team of people passionate about using data to solve problems.



Alison Asimi

My experience with LoG has been an interesting one. I never knew what I was getting into until I started the training with LoG, and I’m glad to say that I’ve not had any course to regret in this journey so far. Every week I see myself drawing closer to my dream of going deep into machine learning and AI.

I want to appreciate my instructors for their understanding each time and Lucia for her support at all times.

The support from LoG has been a great support for me since I graduated from University. With the support I’ve been able to start a little charity outreach every three-months coupled with my own yoghurt brand (not registered, looking forward to doing that when I’m empowered to.)

I really love the idea of building modules. I hope to build modules in diverse fields, easing learning for students.

I’m passionate about Machine Learning and hope to further develop in this discipline.

The previous year was a trying one for us all, we hope that this year will bring better experiences and greater accomplishment for LOG and all the trainees.

Thanks for the opportunity!



Samson Okaludo

In 2020, I was given the opportunity to co-mentor 6 bright young people from Nigeria in Wolfram Programming. The journey has been great so far. The process of sharing knowledge with these brilliant minds also helped me as much as it helped them gain a solid fundamental understanding of the programming language.

Now in 2021, I am currently undergoing initial training in preparation for my training in Data Analytics and machine learning. The experience has been great so far. I have always been interested in Data science.  It is a great thing to be in company that is going in that same direction as my career goals.