Blog from Malak Jaber

Technical Member of the Team – West Bank Palestine

January 2021



My name is Malak Jaber, I was born in Palestine. I finished school and graduated from the university in Palestine in Pharmacy. Then after graduating, I moved with my parents to USA, and I passed the foreign pharmacist graduated evaluation exam.

I returned to Palestine and got married. My husband is a pharmacist also, and we have our own pharmacy in our town.

At the Pharmacy

I started working with the Loss of Generality team in January 2017. I graduated from University and felt that I had a poor chance to work in Palestine because there are few
opportunities in this field. The situation here is that most the pharmacies have two workers. One of them is the owner, so there is a small opportunity to work in a pharmacy in Palestine.  There are no other opportunities for graduates in Pharmacy

I got to know Lucia and the LoG team through my University professor. She introduced me to them and I had a call with Lucia who explained to me the nature of their work. Lucia shared with me how they want to make advanced programming training available to students to who do not have ease of access to advanced educating.  My situation in Palestine is the exact situation that LoG wants to address.  Lucia mentioned that LoG’s goal is to reach out to refugee kids and how much they want to support women.

I was overwhelmed with their thoughts and future plans. The way they use technology and programming was very new to me.  The Wolfram programming language we used in coding, facilitate to students the way to search and get the exact information they want to in moments.

At the beginning I trained with Dara, our Chief Architect who trained me in the Wolfram Programming Language, Mathematica. Then I worked with him in different projects including chemistry, biology and anatomy.  Now I am working with Hussaina, one of my colleagues in Nigeria, to develop a Computational Book (C-Book) in biology and we are
using new technologies in book development that will take this book to different place. This work, as is all work with LoG, is a multinational and virtual team effort.  I am working in Palestine, Hussaina in Nigeria, Imran, one of our colleagues, is working in the US, and Lucia is in Ireland.

One of the best things that happen during my journey with LoG is when Lucia came to visit me and my friend Anwar in Palestine. Anwar also is working with LOG team in mathematics and physics. We were so happy to meet Lucia and discuss many things about our work and thoughts for new projects. And we hope we can meet soon after COVID-19 ends. Lucia said that she hopes to return to Palestine and see us again.