Hussaina Dahiru

Prepared February 2021

My name is Hussaina Dahiru. I was born and brought up in Jos, plateau state of Nigeria.

I am a Nigerian and a biologist. I studied plant biology (Botany) in Bayero University, Kano in Nigeria. Despite my low passion in this course, I graduated with first class honours because studying is my hubby, thus, I dedicated most of my time and studied hard during my university days.

I am married with the love of my life ‘Ibrahim’ and we are blessed with a handsome child ‘Abubakar Sadiq (Musaddeeq)’

I was introduced to Loss of Generality in the year 2019 by my cousin Muhammad who provided me with preliminary training in programing using Wolfram programing language.

I was guided, supported and encouraged by the team members most especially the CEO of the organization ‘Madam Lucia’ who always cares and supports us in learning these advanced technical skills.

The year 2020 is a challenging year that changes virtually all aspects of life due to Covid-19. But being with LoG makes me strong, resilience, courageous and focused. To mention but a few achievements is working remotely at home while many organizations were locked down. LoG works remotely and we carry-out all functions online. With advance of Covid-19, it necessitates schools and organizations worldwide to embrace online training, studies and meetings etc. which is the culture of LoG.

Our team worked on a Chemistry Computational Book last year and I worked as editor. Recently, we are developing a Cell Biology Computational Book. I am the lead author of the book with great joint development with Malak in Palestine and Wendy in Ireland.  Imran in the US guides us also.  It is a wide team effort.  This makes me feel happy and important as I see a great portion of the work that will benefit humanity.  I am working toward my dream of being a programmer who will help in simplifying quality education and make it available to students everywhere.

Thank God for the privilege given to me by LoG which makes me better than how I used to be and my memories with LoG will last forever.