After Skool by Alan Watts
The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions
Prepared by Lucia Valente February 2021

I just came across Alan Watts, an author and YouTube contributor His video about Good Intentions is of interest to me, considering that I have a non-profit and have good intentions towards what we do
Watts outlines many of the unintended consequences of good deeds and good intentions.

However, he posits that rather than looking outside ourselves to solve things for others, we should look within to solve our own issues. I agree totally; self-development and ongoing personal improvement is vital to shaping a life that demonstrates good deeds and good intentions. However, surely, when we go on a journey of self-development, we realize that the world is larger than our own needs. Surely the follow through of self-development is consideration and contributions to others? Lots to think about…….
I value thought provoking ideas and concepts and I will check out more of his writings and